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Completed Projects

Automated Parking Management System (APMS) in Liberty Market (D)
LePARK initiated its first Project at Liberty D Market Parking Lot in collaboration with UCS Park (a Turkish Company). Automated System has been Introduced for the Issuance of Parking Tickets and Revenue Collection. The System Consist of Various Components Including Automatic Ticketing Machines, Loop Detectors, CCTV Cameras (Fixed and PTZ) for Surveillance, Automatic Barrier, Software and Other Related Equipment. A Control Room has also been Established for Surveillance and Security in the Parking Lot.
Establishment of Race Course (Jillani Park) Parking Lots
  • Designing of Parking layouts.
  • Installation of Traffic Control Devices such as Pavement Marking, Signage and Studs etc.
  • Automated Parking Management System  (APMS).
Ramadan Bazar's
Controlling and Managing 21 Ramadan bazar's Parking in the District Lahore.

Metro Bus Route
Managing all Parkings Linked with Metro Bus Stations. So, People can Park their Vehicle and Travel through Metro Bus.

Parking Plazas
Managing all Parking Plazas in Lahore.